Que haces in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘que haces’ means in Spanish. ‘Que haces’ is a term which means ‘that you do’ or ‘what you do’. This term is used in an informal way to address the actions of somebody.

Que haces in Spanish

How to translate que haces in Spanish?

que haces – that you do/ what you do

¿Qué haces? – What are you doing?


Lily: Carlos, ¿qué haces? | Carlos. What are you doing?

Carlos: Nada | Nothing


Elsa, eso que haces está mal
El pastel que haces se ve delicioso
Los ejercicios que haces son perfectos


Elsa, what you do is wrong
The cake that you make looks delicious
The exercises that you do are perfect

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