Pursue Hillsong Spanish

How to Say “Pursue Hillsong” in Spanish


When it comes to expressing ourselves in different languages, it’s essential to understand how to convey specific phrases accurately. The phrase “Pursue Hillsong” carries a profound meaning for those who are familiar with the popular Australian Christian music group. In this article, we will explore how to say “Pursue Hillsong” in Spanish, providing you with the appropriate translation and pronunciation.


The literal translation of “Pursue Hillsong” into Spanish would be “Perseguir Hillsong.” However, it is important to note that a word-for-word translation may not always capture the intended meaning. Therefore, a more appropriate and culturally adapted translation of “Pursue Hillsong” in Spanish would be “Seguir a Hillsong.”


Now that we have the correct translation, let’s break down the pronunciation of the phrase “Seguir a Hillsong” in Spanish:1. Seguir: Pronounced as seh-GEER. Start with a soft “s” sound followed by “eh” as in “bed” and “G” with a soft guttural sound. Finish with a short “ee” sound and roll the “r” slightly.2. a: Pronounced as ah. Similar to the “a” sound in the English word “father.”3. Hillsong: Since Hillsong is a proper noun, the pronunciation remains the same as in English: Hill-song.

Contextual Use

To understand the contextual use of “Seguir a Hillsong” in Spanish, it’s important to consider different situations. Here are a few examples:1. “Quiero seguir a Hillsong” – I want to follow Hillsong. In this example, the phrase is used to express the desire to become a devoted fan or follower of the Hillsong music group.2. “He comenzado a seguir a Hillsong” – I have started to follow Hillsong. This sentence denotes that the person has recently discovered Hillsong and has become interested in their music and message.3. “Muchos jóvenes siguen a Hillsong en todo el mundo” – Many young people follow Hillsong worldwide. This statement highlights the wide-reaching influence of Hillsong among young individuals across the globe.


When it comes to saying “Pursue Hillsong” in Spanish, the appropriate translation is “Seguir a Hillsong.” It’s important to remember that translation goes beyond a word-for-word conversion and must consider cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions. By understanding the correct translation and pronunciation, you can effectively communicate your affinity for Hillsong in Spanish. Whether you are conversing with Spanish-speaking friends or visiting a Spanish-speaking country, these language skills will help you express your passion for Hillsong in a meaningful way.
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