How to Say Préstamos in Spanish


When it comes to learning a new language, expanding your vocabulary is essential. One important term to know is “préstamos,” which means loans in Spanish. Whether you are traveling, studying, or conducting business in a Spanish-speaking country, understanding how to say “préstamos” correctly is crucial. In this article, we will guide you through the pronunciation and usage of this term, helping you communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking environments.


In Spanish, the word “préstamos” is pronounced as “preh-stah-mohs.” The accent falls on the second syllable, marked by the accent mark over the letter “e.” To pronounce it accurately, remember to emphasize the “eh” sound in the first syllable and the “oh” sound in the second syllable. Practicing the pronunciation will ensure you communicate clearly when discussing loans in Spanish.


Now that you know how to say “préstamos” correctly, let’s explore its usage in different contexts. This term is commonly utilized to refer to loans of various types, such as personal loans, mortgages, or business loans. It is crucial to understand the context in which you plan to use the word to ensure proper comprehension and communication.- Personal Loans: If you need to borrow money for personal reasons, such as buying a car or renovating your house, you can ask for a “préstamo personal.” Remember to use the adjective “personal” to specify the type of loan you are referring to.- Mortgages: When purchasing a property and seeking financing, you would use the term “préstamo hipotecario.” This refers specifically to mortgage loans used to buy residential or commercial real estate.- Business Loans: If you are an entrepreneur looking for financial support for your business, the appropriate term to use is “préstamo empresarial” or “préstamo para negocios.” These expressions explicitly convey the purpose of the loan, ensuring clear communication with potential lenders or financial institutions.

Additional Vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary beyond the term “préstamos” will further enhance your ability to discuss loans in Spanish. Here are a few related words and phrases to help you communicate effectively:- Interés: Interest- Tasa de interés: Interest rate- Plazo: Term or period- Cuota: Installment- Garantía: Collateral- Solicitar un préstamo: Apply for a loan- Pagar un préstamo: Repay a loan- Banco: Bank- Financiamiento: FinancingBy familiarizing yourself with these additional terms, you will be better equipped to navigate discussions and negotiations related to loans in Spanish-speaking environments.


Learning how to say “préstamos” correctly is a valuable skill for anyone looking to communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking contexts. Understanding its pronunciation and usage, as well as expanding your vocabulary with related terms, will enhance your ability to discuss loans and financial matters confidently. Whether for personal, mortgage, or business loans, the term “préstamos” will serve as a powerful tool in your Spanish language journey. So, practice your pronunciation, learn the right context, and continue expanding your vocabulary to become a more proficient Spanish speaker.