Postmates in Spanish Translation

Postmates in Spanish translation: envío a domicilio.

Postmates in spanish

Let’s find out how to say postmates in Spanish translation. Postmates is a company that provides delivery service that promises to ship your posts and order in a single day. They also offer delivery in the same city within an hour. These types of logistic companies are on the rise nowadays, as people are giving preference to online shopping more and more.

How to say Postmates in Spanish Translation?

The word Postmates remains the same as it a name of a firm.

The postmates service is translated as ‘envío a domicilio’ ‘home delivery’ .


‘She ordered a book online and it was shipped the same day by Postmates’ – in English.

‘Ella ordenó un libro en línea y Postmates lo envió el mismo día’ – in Spanish.

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