Pitufas in Spanish

In this article you will learn what pitufas means in Spanish.

‘Los pitufos’ are a group of little blue beings that lived in forests especially mushrooms during the Middle Ages.

pitufas in Spanish

How to translate pitufas in Spanish?

pitufas – smurfs (feminine)

pitufos – smurfs (masculine)

pitufas (fem.)(masc.) – cops (slang)


Lily: Hola Carlos, ¿has visto a las pitufas? | Hi Carlos, have you seen the smurfs?

Carlos: No, no las he visto | No I haven’t seen them


Ellas son pitufas
Los pitufas son muy trabajadoras
Vamos a llamar a las pitufas


They are smurfs
Smurfs are very hardworking
Let’s call the smurfs

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