Pigeons in Spanish

Pigeons in Spanish

How to say pigeons in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice pigeons en español? Pigeons in Spanish translation: palomas.

Sentences with the word pigeons in Spanish

¿Llegaste a ver a las palomas?Did you get to see the pigeons?
En la azotea había muchas palomas.On the roof there were many pigeons.
No toques a las palomas.Don’t touch the pigeons.
Había palomas por todas partes.There were pigeons everywhere.
Las palomas emprendieron vuelo.The pigeons took flight.
Iban vestidos como unas palomas blancas.They were dressed as white doves.
Siempre cuida de sus palomas.He always takes care of his pigeons.
Aquellas palomas estuvieron largas horas en ese sitio.Those pigeons spent long hours in that place.
Te voy a enseñar mis palomas.I’ll show you my pigeons.
Esos nidos son de las palomas.Those nests belong to pigeons.
Ella quiere mucho a las palomas.She loves pigeons very much.
Las palomas se posaron en lo más alto de ese árbol.The pigeons perched on the top of that tree.
Esas palomas viven en libertad.Those pigeons live in freedom.
En este parque siempre hay palomas.In this park there are always pigeons.
Las palomas escaparon al vernos.The pigeons ran away when they saw us.
He domesticado a esas palomas.I have tamed those pigeons.
¿Te gustaron mis palomas?Did you like my pigeons?
Las palomas conviven muy bien con los hombres.Pigeons get along very well with men.
Tiene el último piso de su casa lleno de palomas.He has the top floor of his house full of pigeons.
Estas palomas son las más rápidas.These pigeons are the fastest.
Las palomas regresan al atardecer.The pigeons return at sunset.
Ya las palomas están dormidas.The pigeons are already asleep.
¿Cuántas palomas tienes?How many pigeons do you have?
Las palomas representan la paz.Doves represent peace.
El niño perseguía a las palomas.The boy was chasing the pigeons.
En esa pintura se representaron muchas palomas.Many pigeons were depicted in that painting.
Eran blancos como el color de esas palomas.They were white like the color of those pigeons.
Vamos a darles semillas a las palomas.We are going to give seeds to the pigeons.
Regresaron las palomas otra vez.The pigeons came back again.
Las palomas tienen cantos de tonos bajos.Pigeons have low-pitched songs.
Estas palomas pusieron ayer dos huevos.These pigeons laid two eggs yesterday.

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