Pains in Spanish Flashcards

Pains in Spanish Flashcards

How to translate the pains in Spanish? Learn basic vocabulary with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with images. Translation from English to Spanish with flashcards.

illness – enfermedad

pains – dolores

pains in Spanish

calambres – cramps

infarto – heart attack

acidez estomacal – heartburn

hemorragia – hemorrhage

migraña – migraine

papera – mumps

neumonía – pneumonia

esguince – sprain

hinchazón – swelling

ojo negro – black eye

illness in spanish

dolor de barriga – stomachache

dolor de cabeza – headache

dolor de espalda – backache

dolor de oído – earache

nariz constipada – runny nose

tos – coughing

dolor de garganta – sore throat

varicela – chickenpox

fiebre – fever

tener gripe – to have a flu


diarrea – diarrhea

dolor de muela – toothache

vomitar – to throw up

brazo partido – broken arm

pierna partida – broken leg

obesidad – obesity

mareo – dizziness

estreñido – constipated

insolación – sunstroke

insomnio – insomnia

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