Exploring the Meaning of “Opina”

In Spanish, the word “opina” is the third-person singular form of the verb “opinar,” which translates to “to give an opinion” or “to express an opinion” in English. It is a versatile verb that is commonly used in both casual and formal contexts to express one’s thoughts, beliefs, or judgments about a particular topic. “Opina” serves as a command or invitation for someone to share their opinion or to voice their perspective on a given matter.

Usage Examples

To illustrate the usage of “opina,” here are a few examples:1. “¿Qué opinas sobre la situación actual del país?” (What is your opinion on the current situation of the country?)2. “Opina acerca de la película que viste anoche.” (Give your opinion about the movie you watched last night.)3. “Me gustaría que opines sobre este tema durante la reunión.” (I would like you to express your opinion on this topic during the meeting.)

Related Expressions

While “opina” is the verb form commonly used to ask for someone’s opinion, there are related expressions in Spanish that convey a similar meaning. Some of these expressions include:1. “Da tu punto de vista” (Give your point of view)2. “Expresa tu parecer” (Express your opinion)3. “Comparte tus impresiones” (Share your impressions)


“Opina” is a Spanish verb that encourages individuals to share their opinions or viewpoints on a particular subject. It plays a significant role in facilitating open discussions and encouraging dialogue. Whether in casual conversations or formal settings, using “opina” allows individuals to express their thoughts and contribute to meaningful conversations. So, next time you want to invite someone to share their opinion, remember to use “opina” to encourage their input.
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