On What in Spanish

On What in Spanish


The phrase “on what” in English is used to inquire about the specific subject or topic of a discussion. In this article, we will explore the equivalent translations and usage of “on what” in Spanish.

“On What” Translations

“¿Sobre qué?”

One of the common translations of “on what” in Spanish is “¿sobre qué?” This phrase is used to ask about the specific topic or subject under discussion. It can be used in various contexts, such as when seeking clarification or when initiating a conversation about a particular subject.

“¿En qué?”

Another translation of “on what” in Spanish is “¿en qué?” This phrase is typically used when asking about the specific place or location where something is happening or where an event is taking place. It can also be used to inquire about the specific object or item being referred to.

Usage and Examples

Example 1:

English: “I heard they’re making a movie about what?” Spanish: “¿Escuché que están haciendo una película sobre qué?”

Example 2:

English: “On what topic did they give a presentation?” Spanish: “¿Sobre qué tema dieron una presentación?”

Example 3:

English: “On what street is the new restaurant located?” Spanish: “¿En qué calle se encuentra el nuevo restaurante?”

Cultural Considerations

Formality and Context

The usage of “on what” in Spanish can vary depending on the level of formality and the specific context of the conversation. It’s important to consider the appropriate level of politeness and choose the most suitable translation based on the situation.

Regional Variations

It’s worth noting that different Spanish-speaking regions may have their own variations or expressions to convey the meaning of “on what.” Local dialects and colloquialisms may influence the choice of words or phrases used to inquire about a specific subject or topic.


In Spanish, “on what” can be translated as “¿sobre qué?” or “¿en qué?” These phrases are used to ask about the specific subject, topic, place, or object under discussion. It’s important to consider the context and regional variations when using these phrases in conversation.
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