Numbers and Nouns

How to use numbers and nouns in Spanish?

Study how to use the numbers and nouns in Spanish. Learn Spanish grammar with online lessons. Vocabulary translation from English to Spanish with words and phrases.

Numbers and Nouns in Spanish

Note: The number “one” changes from “uno” to “un” before a masculine noun.

un libro – one book – uno libro

un perro – one dog (male) – uno perro

un lobo – one wolf (male)- uno lobo


Note: The number “one” changes from “uno” to “una” before a feminine noun.

una cama- one bed

una gata – one cat (female)

una chica –  one girl


Note: When counting generically (one, two, three …) use “uno, dos, tres …” but when counting specifically (one pen, one cat), use “un” or “una”

un plato – one plate

una pluma – one pen

uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cincoone, two, three, four, five

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