No Good in Spanish

No Good in Spanish

How to say no good in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice no good en español? No good in Spanish translation: no bueno. “Not good” is a phrase used to refer to something in which a negative value is recognized. This term can be used when you act dissatisfied with something that you do not like or what is wrong because in your opinion it is not good enough. Just as when we refer to a person who does not have good characteristics, as a bad person.

no good (fem.)(singular) – no buena

no good (masc.)(singular) –no bueno


Lily: Carlos, ella no es buena | Carlos, she is not good

Carlos: Está bien | OK

Eso no es buenoThat’s not good
Ese lugar no es buenoThat place is not good
Esto no es buenoThis is not good
Esa madera no es buenaThat wood is not good
Tu teléfono ya no está buenoYour phone is no longer good

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