I Love Your Smile in Spanish

I Love Your Smile in Spanish

How to say I love your smile in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice I love your smile en español? I love your smile in Spanish translation: me encanta tu sonrisa.. ‘I love your smile in Spanish’ is a phrase used when we like the smile of someone in particular. The smile is a slight gesture in the mouth of joy, happiness or pleasure, similar to laughter, but without making sounds. It is an expression on the face, which reflects joy, pleasure or conformity.

I love your smile – Amo tu sonrisa

I love your smile – Me encanta tu sonrisa


Carlos: Lily, eres hermosa, me encanta tu sonrisa | Lily, you are beautiful, I love your smile

Lily: Gracias mi amor | Thank you my love

Me encanta tu sonrisa, eres muy guapoI love your smile, you are very handsome
Me encanta tu sonrisa mágicaI love your magic smile
Amo tu sonrisa, eres especialI love your smile, you are special
Amo tu sonrisa cariñoI love your smile darling
Tu sonrisa es hermosa, la amoYour smile is beautiful, I love it

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