Nature Elements in Spanish

nature words in spanish

How do you say nature elements in Spanish?

It’s time to know about the nature elements in Spanish. For every living being, it is necessary to have elements such as fire, water, and air, with these elements living beings can develop, eat, live and survive without any problem. In general, the beauty of nature is seen as a kind of God of life, as it is the one that gives us the possibility to live and develop. Thanks to the climate planet Earth is welcoming, because it is responsible for regulating it, making it comfortable for vegetation, humans, and animals.

What is naturaleza?

Nature in the Spanish translation means Naturaleza.
Mother Nature in the Spanish translation means Madre Madre Naturaleza.
Formally, natural resources are the goods that nature provides and that serve human beings to meet their needs.
In this lesson, you will find the most popular natural resources and their translation into Spanish.

The Nature in Spanish (La Naturaleza)
ground in spanish, 5 elements of nature, all elements of nature

Tierra (Ground)


sun in spanish



rock in spanish, nature in Spanish, nature elements in Spanish

Roca (Rock)


plants in spanish

Plantas (Plants)


planet in spanish

Planeta (Planet)


palm in spanish



clouds in spanish

Nubes (Clouds)


moon nature elements in Spanish

Luna (Moon)



rain in spanish

Lluvia (Rain)


ice nature elements in Spanish




Fuego (Fire)



Flores (Flowers)


tree nature elements in Spanish

Árbol (Tree)


water nature elements in Spanish



sand nature elements in Spanish

Arena (Sand)

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