Most Common Spanish Verbs

Most Common Spanish Verbs in English

How to translate the most common Spanish verbs with flashcards? and more. Learn basic vocabulary in Spanish with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with pictures. English to Spanish translation.

most common Spanish verbs

llorar – to cry

estornudar – to sneeze

organizar – to arrange, to organize

colocar – to place

gastar – to spend

jalar – to pull

escribir – to write

enseñar – to teach

discutir – to argue

lanzar – to throw

common phrasal verbs

rescatar – to rescue

montar – to ride

gritar – to scream

coser – to sew

agitar – to shake

cantar – to sing

patinar – to skate

esquiar – to ski

oler – to smell

sonreír – to smile

most common phrasal verbs

sostener – to hold

cazar – to hunt

saltar – to jump

patear – to kick

arrodillarse – to kneel

levantar – to lift

pelar – to peel

fregar – to do the dishes

empujar – to push

leer – to read

most common verbs in english

doler – to hurt

pararse – to stand up

jugar – to play

morder – to bite

soplar – to blow

escalar – to climb

cocinar – to cook

freir – to fry

colgar – to hang

ayudar – to help

common spanish verbs

conducir – to drive

caer – to fall

llenar – to fill

encontrar – to find

terminar – to finish

reparar – to fix

volar – to fly

olvidar – to forget

golpear – to hit

oír – to hear

most common spanish verbs

defender – to defend

atacar – to attack

abrir – to open

limpiar – to clean

cepillar el pelo – to brush the hair

cerrar – to close

venir – to come

cortar – to cut

bailar – to dance

dibujar – to draw

most common verbs

atrapar – to catch

pensar – to think

comer – to eat

dormir – to sleep

meditar – to meditate

silbar – to whistle

llevar – to carry

buscar – to search for

cantar – to sing

gatear – to crawl

most used verbs in english

preguntar – to ask

trabajar – to work

comenzar – to begin

romper – to break

correr – to run

traer – to bring

construir – to build

comprar – to buy

llamar – to call

beber – to drink

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