Mascara in Spanish

Mascara in Spanish


Mascara is a popular cosmetic product used to enhance the appearance of eyelashes by making them look longer, thicker, and more voluminous. If you’re interested in learning how to say “mascara” in Spanish, this article will provide you with the translation and additional information about this cosmetic essential.

Mascara in Spanish

In Spanish, the word for mascara is “máscara.” The pronunciation is MAHS-kah-rah. The term “máscara” is commonly used to refer to the cosmetic product that enhances eyelashes. It’s worth noting that certain brands may use variations of the term, such as “rimel,” which is also widely recognized and used.

Types of Mascara

There are several types of mascara available, each designed to achieve different effects. Here are some common types:1. Lengthening Mascara: This type of mascara is formulated to make the lashes appear longer and more defined.2. Volumizing Mascara: Volumizing mascara is used to add thickness and fullness to the lashes, making them appear more voluminous.3. Curling Mascara: Curling mascara is designed to lift and curl the lashes, giving them a more dramatic and eye-opening effect.4. Waterproof Mascara: Waterproof mascara is resistant to water and is ideal for situations where you want your mascara to stay intact, even when exposed to moisture.5. Natural Mascara: Natural mascaras are formulated with ingredients that are gentle on the lashes and often have a more subtle effect for those who prefer a more natural look.


Now you know that the word for “mascara” in Spanish is “máscara” or “rimel.” Whether you’re looking for lengthening, volumizing, or curling effects, mascara is a versatile cosmetic product that can help enhance your lashes and achieve different eye-catching looks. Experiment with different types of mascara to find the one that suits your preferences and desired results. ¡Realza tus pestañas! (Enhance your lashes!)
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