Macha in Spanish

how to say macha in Spanish
Macha in Spanish

What does macha mean in Spanish?

1- Macha is a word used for a sovereignty goddess of ancient Ireland. The word Macha is connected and associated with the province of Ulster. The sites of Navan Fort (Eamhain Mhacha) and Armagh (Ard Mhacha) was also named after The Macha.

2- Another meaning of this word is blonde or blond woman. Macha in Spanish is translated in English as blonde. The synonym for the word Macha is rubia, both of which means blonde.

3- Also can be used as a bullying word to describe a woman who acts or looks like a man.

In this case:

butch (feminine) – macha, machona, marimacha

butch (masculine) – macho, machongo, marimacho

Sentences with the term macha in Spanish

Sara es muy marimacha.Sara is very tomboyish.
¡Qué marimacha has salido!What a tomboy you have come out!
Tú siempre tan marimacha.You always so tomboyish.
¿A quién saliste tan marimacha?Who did you date so tomboyish?
En la escuela todos te dicen marimacha.Everyone at school calls you a tomboy.
Esa niña parece un macho.That girl looks like a macho.
Te juro que me voy a buscar otro macho.I swear I’m going to find another male.
Tú eres el macho de mi corazón.You are the male of my heart.
Tan macho que parece animal.So male that he looks like an animal.
Ese macho te tiene cachonda.That male has you horny.
¿Por qué vistes a lo machongo?Why do you dress like a macho?
Te creías el machongo de la casa.You thought you were the macho of the house.
Tu padre es un machongo que arrebata.Your father is a machongo who snatches.
¡Tan machongo que parece y es homosexual!So macho that he seems and he is homosexual!
Era un machongo tan culto que deslumbraba.He was such a cultured machongo that he dazzled.
Te ves machona con ese corte de pelo.You look macho with that haircut.
¡Tan tosca y tan machona!So rough and so machona!
No seas tan machona.Don’t be so macho.
¿Es trasvertí o machona?Is she transverted or macho?
¡Qué pase la machona!What’s up bitch!
¡Qué marimacho eres!What a tomboy you are!
De niña eras un marimacho.As a child you were a tomboy.
Jugando bolas pareces marimacho.Playing balls you look like a tomboy.
Con esa actitud aparentas un marimacho.With that attitude you look like a tomboy.
Tienes lenguaje de marimacho.You have butch language.
Esa macha es tan vaga.That stain is so vague.
La muy macha quería mi guayaba.The very macho wanted my guava.
¡Qué macha tan protestona!What a protesting macha!
Siempre dije que tu amiga era macha.I always said your friend was macho.
A esa macha le gustan los homosexuales.That macha likes homosexuals.

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