Lobster in Spanish

How do you say Lobster in Spanish?

Lobster in Spanish

How to say lobster in Spanish? Lobsters in Spanish translation is langosta. The word Lobster is an English word which describes a large marine crustacean. It has a cylindrical body and five pair of limbs. The frontal limbs of the lobster also have claws. They usually occur in bright red color. They have a hard covering shell on their bodies and a fleshy meat inside that is eaten in various parts of the world. 

The lobster is a decapod marine crustacean up to 50 cm long, dark brown, elongated, almost cylindrical body covered with thorny and spiny articulated integuments. The lobster also has a large head, prominent eyes, long antennae, and forelegs ending in a strong, hooked claw. Lobsters live on rocky bottoms; there are many different species. Its meat is edible and highly prized.

Lobster in Spanish Mean

There is also another species of lobster, an insect with an elongated body, prominent eyes, delicate antennae, six legs (the rear ones are very long and robust, with which it makes great jumps), and wings protected by rigid plates called elytra. It feeds on vegetables and reproduces very quickly, which is why some migratory species are harmful pests for agriculture.

The nephropids are a family of marine crustaceans; many of the species of this family are highly appreciated in gastronomy. They inhabit ocean floors in much of the world. This family comprises the Norway lobster, the lobster, and the American lobster. The lobster is a crustacean invertebrate generally reddish with some yellow or brown stripes. The youngest individuals have a red line on the upper part of the body. The two pairs of antennae are yellow. They can rarely find it on rocky bottoms. They are related to river crabs.

Insect locusts have long hind legs for jumping and a mouthpart for chewing and eating leaves. Their activity is mainly nocturnal, using their antennae and eyes to explore the terrain. Like many insects, locusts have two pairs of wings, although some species cannot fly. This pest causes damage in all its growth stages; they have typical chewing mouthparts and attack the aerial part of wild and cultivated vegetables, grasses, and legumes in seedlings and young plants, preventing regrowth.

Therefore, we can say that while marine lobster is highly appreciated for its exquisite meat, its namesake, the insect lobster, is highly dangerous, and we should try to keep it away from our crops.


What does lobster mean?

The translation for lobster is ‘langosta’

Example: The sentence ‘She likes lobster soup’ is translated as ‘A ella le gusta la sopa de langosta’.

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