Learn Spanish While You Sleep

Learning Spanish while you sleep would be a great option. You could take advantage of that wonderful time that we only use to recharge the energy spent during the day. Experiments suggest that it is possible to learn new words while you are asleep. In addition, sleeping strengthens memory, and learned words are consolidated if they are heard during sleep.

Learn Spanish While You Sleep

Can you learn Spanish while you sleep?

Hypnopedia is the acquisition of information through sleep. Many scientists claim that our brain can process information in deep sleep. Therefore, it is possible that we can learn languages while we sleep. And we can not only acquire previously learned information but also absolve new data. Being exposed to a word or phrase during sleep can make it easier for you to acquire the language. 

All this happens during the first phase of sleep. Of course, you have to have learned and practiced the words you would hear during sleep beforehand. Only during sleep is it possible to reactivate previously learned knowledge.

Going to sleep, playing audio in Spanish on any vocabulary, and waking up speaking fluently would be ideal. There are brain areas that regulate language and are activated during deep sleep to facilitate learning. But, despite the promising results of learning a language while you sleep, there is still a long way to go.

Other studies talk about smells being able to reinforce learning while you sleep. That is known as Directed Memory Reactivation. Learned smells and sounds that are presented during sleep are reactivated and consolidated in memory.

But the reality, in the end, will be different: you will not have perfect Spanish overnight. However, you can always do the test with audio while you sleep and check the results. There are many critics of this method that deny its effectiveness. Not all people have the capacity or the ability to learn languages while we sleep. Therefore, you should study in the conventional way that all beginners use.

Learn Spanish Faster

You’d better follow some tips so that you can better retain the knowledge:

Tiredness and sleep are mortal enemies for your learning. You will be more effective if you are well-rested. You can rest before classes or take a short nap. Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep. It is necessary that you sleep the number of hours required by your body each night and mainly, after a day of study. All this will undoubtedly improve the acquisition of knowledge.

After class or study try to rest your brain a bit. Do not perform other high mental activity or distractions such as social networks. You will be forgetting without realizing everything you learned during the day. The faster you put into practice what you just learned, the more you will remember.

On the other hand, reviewing what has been learned is another essential step for retaining knowledge. And even better than that is teaching: explain what you have learned to another student and you will remember it better. Review at least five times a day everything studied for two weeks and you will see better results.

Record five new phrases during the day and then listen to them for five minutes at bedtime. Listening to children’s stories through audio is another idea. There are the basic forms of communication and vocabulary. They are simple, easy to listen to and come to you comfortably and simply.


In conclusion, the best technique to learn Spanish will be the one that best suits you. The rest of your brain, while you sleep, will be essential for your learning. It’s up to you.

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