La Leña vs Leño in Spanish

Learn when to use La Leña vs Leño in Spanish

What is the difference between la leña vs leño?. “La leña” and “el leño” both comes from the tree and therefore both are wood “madera”. 


la leña vs el leño


Spanish Vocabulary:


leña – firewood

leño – log of wood

the wood – la madera

the tree – el árbol


What is la leña?


“La leña” is a set of logs, branches, and pieces of wood “madera” used to make fire as fuel in a campfire, fireplace, heating, or similar uses. 


“La leña” is the part of “el leño” that comes from trees or shrubs, of woody forests or agricultural plant species, which when cut up can be used for energy purposes. 


For example:


Prepara la leña para cocinar la sopa – Prepare the firewood to cook the soup


What is el leño?


“El leño” is the main raw material of “la leña” 


leña vs leño

The leño is a large and thick piece of a tree trunk, clean of branches. “El leño (masculine) is a piece of wood that is to be used as a “leña”. 


For example:


¿Ya Marcos trajo el leño? – Has Marcos already brought the log of wood? 

“La leña” and “el leño” together :


Te he traido este “leño” para que lo uses como “leña” en tu fogata . – I have brought you this “log of wood” to use as “firewood” in your campfire. 


¿Ya Marcos trajo el leño para la leña? – Has Marcos already brought the log of wood for the firewood? 


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