La Esquina del Sabor – Taste Flashcard

La Esquina del Sabor Flashcard

How to translate la esquina del sabor in English with flashcards? Learn basic vocabulary with flashcards. Study the Spanish language with images. Translation from English to Spanish with flashcards.

la esquina del sabor – the corner of flavor

La Esquina del Sabor

mal sabor – bad taste

buen sabor – good taste

delicioso – delicious

apetitoso – appetizing

asqueroso – disgusting

picante – spicy

sin sabor – tasteless

insípido (a) – tasteless

amargo – bitter

agrio – sour

la esquina del sabor revere

sabroso – tasty

salado – salty

azucarado – sugary

empalagosa – cloying

probar – to try

apetitoso – appetizing

suave – soft

dulce – sweet

afrutado – fruity

fresco – fresh

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