Irregular Imperfect Verbs

Irregular Imperfect Verbs

What are the 3 irregular Imperfect verbs?

It’s time to learn how to conjugate the irregular Imperfect verbs in Spanish. Study Spanish verb conjugations with online lessons. Read about the Spanish grammar rules.

There are only three verbs with irregular conjugations: “ir, ser, and ver“. 

Irregular Imperfect Conjugations

Subject – Ir (to go) – Ser (to be) – Ver (to see)

Yo (I)  iba era veía

Tú (You)(Informal) –  ibas eras veías

Usted (You)(Formal)  iba era veía

Él/Ella(He/She)  iba era veía 

Nosotros(as)(We)  íbamos éramos veíamos

Vosotros(as)(You)(Informal)  ibais erais veíais

Ustedes(You)(Formal) iban eran veían

Ellos(as)(They)  iban eran veían

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