I Mean It in Spanish

I Mean It in Spanish


“I mean it” is an expression used to emphasize the sincerity, seriousness, or truthfulness of a statement in English. When translated into Spanish, it becomes “Lo digo en serio.” This phrase carries weight and conviction, indicating that the speaker’s words should be taken seriously. Let’s explore the usage and significance of “Lo digo en serio” in Spanish-speaking contexts.

Emphasizing Sincerity

In Personal Relationships

In personal relationships, expressing sincerity is important when conveying genuine feelings or making promises. Using the phrase “Lo digo en serio” emphasizes that the speaker’s words are heartfelt and sincere. It helps to establish trust and reassures the listener that the speaker’s intentions are genuine.

In Professional Settings

In professional contexts, conveying sincerity is crucial when discussing important matters or negotiating agreements. By saying “Lo digo en serio,” professionals can underline the seriousness and authenticity of their statements, making it clear that they are not simply making empty promises or idle statements.

Asserting Truthfulness

In Debates or Discussions

During debates or discussions, it is common to assert the truthfulness of a statement to emphasize its validity. In Spanish-speaking contexts, using “Lo digo en serio” serves as a strong affirmation of the speaker’s belief in the truth and accuracy of their statement. It adds weight to the argument and invites others to consider the statement seriously.

Clarifying Intentions

Sometimes, misunderstandings can occur in conversations, leading to confusion or misinterpretation of intentions. By using the phrase “Lo digo en serio,” individuals can clarify their true intentions and ensure that their words are not taken lightly or misinterpreted. It helps to avoid potential misunderstandings and promotes effective communication.


“Lo digo en serio,” the Spanish equivalent of “I mean it,” is a powerful phrase that underscores sincerity, seriousness, and truthfulness. Whether used in personal relationships or professional settings, this expression emphasizes the importance and authenticity of the speaker’s words. By incorporating “Lo digo en serio” into conversations, individuals can communicate their intentions clearly and ensure that their statements are taken seriously. So, the next time you want to emphasize the sincerity of your words in Spanish, remember to use the phrase “Lo digo en serio” and let your conviction shine through.
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