I Love Tacos in Spanish

How to say I love tacos in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice I love tacos en español? I love tacos in Spanish translation: amo los tacos.. A corn tortilla is called a ‘taco’ which includes all kinds of ingredients such as: egg, meat, beans, rice, guacamole, salsa and others. Delicious at all times of the day, as well as very quick to prepare. It is one of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine.

I Love Tacos in Spanish

I love tacos – Amo los tacos

I love tacos – Me encantan los tacos


Lily: Carlos, ¿sabes que me encantan los tacos? | Carlos, do you know I love tacos?

Carlos: Sí, lo sé, me lo dijiste antes | Yes, I know, you told me before

Me encantan los tacosI love tacos
Amo comer tacosI love eating tacos
A Marta le encantan los tacosMarta loves tacos
Mi familia ama los tacosMy family loves tacos
Me encantan los tacos con guacamoleI love tacos with guacamole
Me encantan los tacos de pescadoI love fish tacos

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