I Like Volleyball in Spanish

I Like Volleyball in Spanish

Expressing “I Like Volleyball” in Spanish

If you enjoy playing or watching volleyball and want to express your fondness for the sport in Spanish, here are a few phrases you can use to convey your enthusiasm.

1. “Me gusta el voleibol”

This phrase translates directly to “I like volleyball.” It is a simple and straightforward way to express your interest in the sport.

2. “Disfruto del voleibol”

In this translation, “Disfruto del voleibol” means “I enjoy volleyball.” It conveys a stronger sense of pleasure and satisfaction derived from playing or watching the sport.

3. “Me apasiona el voleibol”

This phrase means “I’m passionate about volleyball.” It emphasizes the intense love and dedication you have for the sport, expressing a deep level of enthusiasm.

4. “Me encanta jugar al voleibol”

In this expression, “Me encanta jugar al voleibol” translates to “I love playing volleyball.” It specifically focuses on your love for actively participating in the game.

Consider the Context and Setting

When expressing your liking for volleyball, it’s important to consider the context and setting in which you use these phrases. Whether you’re talking to fellow volleyball enthusiasts, discussing your interests, or simply expressing your preference, adapting your choice of phrase to the situation can help you convey your enthusiasm effectively.


Being able to express your fondness for volleyball in Spanish allows you to connect with others who share the same passion for the sport. Whether you use “Me gusta el voleibol,” “Disfruto del voleibol,” “Me apasiona el voleibol,” or “Me encanta jugar al voleibol,” each expression effectively communicates your enthusiasm for volleyball. By considering the context and setting, you can confidently express your love for volleyball in Spanish and engage in conversations that revolve around your favorite sport. So, when you want to share your passion for volleyball, don’t hesitate to do so in their language!
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