I Like To Swim in Spanish

I Like To Swim in Spanish


Swimming is a popular and refreshing activity that provides numerous health benefits. If you want to express your love for swimming in Spanish, it’s important to know how to say “I like to swim.” In this article, we will explore how to convey this sentiment in Spanish, allowing you to share your passion for swimming with others.

Using the Verb “Gustar”

In Spanish, the verb “gustar” is commonly used to express likes and dislikes, including activities such as swimming. However, the construction of “gustar” is different from English. In Spanish, the verb is conjugated according to the activity being liked, rather than the person doing the liking. Let’s delve into the different ways to say “I like to swim” in Spanish.

Using “Gustar” with Infinitives

To express that you like to swim, you can use the following structure:”I like to” + infinitive verb + “me gusta”For example:I like to swim. -> Me gusta nadar.I like to swim laps. -> Me gusta nadar vueltas.I like to swim in the ocean. -> Me gusta nadar en el mar.

Using “Gustar” with Nouns

If you want to emphasize the specific type of swimming you enjoy, you can use a noun in combination with “gustar.” The structure is as follows:”I like” + noun + “me gusta”For example:I like swimming in pools. -> Me gusta nadar en piscinas.I like open water swimming. -> Me gusta nadar en aguas abiertas.I like competitive swimming. -> Me gusta la natación competitiva.

Expressing Intensity

To add emphasis or convey a higher degree of liking, you can use adverbs such as “mucho” (a lot) or “apasionadamente” (passionately). Here’s how it works:I like to swim a lot. -> Me gusta nadar mucho.I like to swim passionately. -> Me gusta nadar apasionadamente.I really enjoy swimming. -> Disfruto mucho nadar.

Using Alternative Verbs

While “gustar” is the most common verb used to express likes in Spanish, there are alternative verbs that can convey a similar meaning. Some of these verbs include “disfrutar” (to enjoy), “amar” (to love), and “apasionarse por” (to be passionate about). Here are a few examples:I enjoy swimming. -> Disfruto nadar.I love to swim. -> Amo nadar.I am passionate about swimming. -> Me apasiona nadar.


Being able to express your love for swimming in Spanish allows you to connect with others who share the same passion and engage in conversations about your favorite activity. By using the verb “gustar” and the appropriate sentence structures, you can accurately convey “I like to swim.” Practice these expressions, and you’ll be able to discuss your love for swimming in Spanish with confidence. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)
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