How To Say When Are You Leaving in Spanish

How to Say “When Are You Leaving?” in Spanish


When interacting with Spanish speakers, it’s important to be able to ask about their departure plans or inquire about when they will be leaving. In this article, we will explore different ways to express the question “When are you leaving?” in Spanish, providing you with useful phrases and variations to effectively communicate this inquiry.

Translations and Expressions

To ask someone when they are leaving in Spanish, you can use the following phrases:

1. “¿Cuándo te vas?”

This is the most common and straightforward way to ask “When are you leaving?” in Spanish. It is a simple and direct question that can be used in both casual and formal situations.

2. “¿Para cuándo tienes previsto irte?”

This phrase translates to “When do you plan to leave?” It expresses a bit more curiosity and interest in the person’s departure plans, implying that you want to know their intended departure date.

3. “¿Cuándo tienes planeado partir?”

Similar to the previous expression, this question asks “When do you have planned to leave?” It conveys a sense of anticipation and shows your interest in their travel schedule.

4. “¿A qué hora te marchas?”

If you specifically want to inquire about the time of departure, you can use this phrase, which means “At what time are you leaving?” It focuses on the exact hour or time frame when the person intends to depart.

Using Context and Politeness

When asking about someone’s departure plans, it’s important to consider the context and use appropriate politeness. If you are asking a close friend or family member, a more casual tone may be suitable. However, in formal situations or when talking to someone you are not familiar with, it’s advisable to use a more polite and respectful approach.

Cultural Considerations

Cultural norms regarding travel plans and punctuality may vary across Spanish-speaking countries. Some cultures prioritize punctuality, while others have a more relaxed approach to time. It’s helpful to be aware of these cultural nuances when asking about someone’s departure plans, as it will contribute to effective communication and cultural sensitivity.


In conclusion, there are several ways to ask “When are you leaving?” in Spanish, including “¿Cuándo te vas?,” “¿Para cuándo tienes previsto irte?,” “¿Cuándo tienes planeado partir?,” and “¿A qué hora te marchas?” These phrases allow you to inquire about someone’s departure plans and show your interest in their travel schedule. Remember to consider the context and use appropriate politeness based on your relationship with the person. By mastering these expressions, you will be able to engage in meaningful conversations and navigate travel-related discussions with Spanish speakers.
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