How To Say Timesheet in Spanish

How To Say Timesheet in Spanish


When it comes to working or managing a team, keeping track of time and attendance is crucial. In English, the term “timesheet” is commonly used to refer to a document that records the number of hours worked by an employee. However, if you find yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment, it’s essential to know the correct translation for this term. In this article, we will explore how to say “timesheet” in Spanish and provide you with some useful phrases related to timekeeping in the workplace.

The Translation

The Spanish translation for “timesheet” is “hoja de tiempo.” This term is widely used across Spanish-speaking countries and is the most appropriate translation for the English term. It’s worth noting that different regions may have variations in vocabulary, so let’s dive deeper into other related phrases and words that can be helpful when discussing timekeeping in the workplace.

Other Related Phrases

Registro de horas: This phrase translates to “hour log” or “hour record.” It can refer to a document used to record the number of hours worked, similar to a timesheet.Control de asistencia: This phrase means “attendance control” and is commonly used when referring to the process of tracking employee attendance.Registro de tiempo: Translated as “time record,” this phrase can be used interchangeably with “timesheet” to convey the concept of tracking and recording time spent on tasks.Informe de horas trabajadas: This phrase translates to “report of hours worked” and can be used when referring to a comprehensive document that summarizes the hours worked by employees over a specific period.


In Spanish, the translation for “timesheet” is “hoja de tiempo.” However, it’s essential to be familiar with other related phrases to effectively communicate about timekeeping in the workplace. Understanding terms like “registro de horas,” “control de asistencia,” “registro de tiempo,” and “informe de horas trabajadas” can help you navigate discussions about tracking employee hours and attendance in Spanish-speaking environments. Whether you’re an employee, manager, or simply looking to expand your language skills, knowing these phrases will undoubtedly prove beneficial when discussing time-related matters in the workplace.
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