How To Say Satan in Spanish

How To Say Satan in Spanish

Translation of Satan

In Spanish, the word for Satan is “Satanás.” This term is widely used to refer to the devil or the embodiment of evil in various religious contexts. It is derived from the name “Satan” in English and maintains a similar meaning and connotation.

Using Satan in Sentences

If you want to use the word “Satan” in a sentence in Spanish, here are a few examples:

1. Creo en el poder de Dios para vencer a Satanás.

Translation: I believe in God’s power to overcome Satan.

2. No te dejes tentar por Satanás.

Translation: Don’t let yourself be tempted by Satan.

3. Satanás es representado como un ser maligno en la literatura clásica.

Translation: Satan is depicted as an evil being in classical literature.


Now you know that the Spanish word for Satan is “Satanás.” Whether you are discussing religious beliefs or referring to the embodiment of evil, you can use this term confidently in Spanish.

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