How To Say Ping Pong in Spanish

How To Say Ping Pong in Spanish

Translation of Ping Pong

In Spanish, the term “ping pong” is commonly referred to as “tenis de mesa” or simply “ping pong.” These terms describe the sport and game where two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small paddles. “Tenis de mesa” is the more formal and widely recognized term.

Using Ping Pong in Sentences

If you want to use the term “ping pong” in a sentence in Spanish, here are a few examples:

1. ¿Jugamos un partido de tenis de mesa?

Translation: Shall we play a game of ping pong?

2. Organizaron un torneo de ping pong en el club local.

Translation: They organized a ping pong tournament at the local club.

3. Me gustaría mejorar mi habilidad en el tenis de mesa.

Translation: I would like to improve my skill in ping pong.


Now you know that the Spanish terms for “ping pong” are “tenis de mesa” and “ping pong.” Use these terms to engage in conversations and participate in the sport of table tennis. Enjoy friendly matches and enhance your hand-eye coordination while speaking Spanish.

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