How To Say I Will Go in Spanish

How To Say “I Will Go” in Spanish


Expressing future actions is a fundamental part of communication in any language. If you’re learning Spanish or find yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment, it’s important to know how to convey the idea of “I will go” accurately. In this article, we will explore how to say “I will go” in Spanish and provide additional information to help you express your future plans effectively.

The Translation: “Voy a ir”

In Spanish, the phrase “I will go” can be translated as “Voy a ir.” This translation accurately conveys the intention of the speaker to perform an action in the future.The phrase begins with “Voy,” which means “I go” in the present tense. Adding “a ir” after “voy” creates the future tense construction, indicating the action will happen later.

Usage and Context

To help you understand how to use “Voy a ir” in a Spanish context, let’s explore a few phrases and sentences:1. “Mañana voy a ir al cine con mis amigos.” Translation: “Tomorrow I will go to the movies with my friends.” This sentence demonstrates the usage of “Voy a ir” to express the speaker’s plan of going to the movies with their friends in the future.2. “Después del trabajo, voy a ir al supermercado a hacer compras.” Translation: “After work, I will go to the supermarket to do some shopping.” Here, the phrase is used to convey the speaker’s intention of going to the supermarket after work for the purpose of shopping.3. “El próximo verano, voy a ir de viaje a Europa.” Translation: “Next summer, I will go on a trip to Europe.” This sentence showcases the usage of “Voy a ir” to express the speaker’s plan of traveling to Europe during the upcoming summer.

Alternative Phrases

While “Voy a ir” is the most common and direct translation for “I will go” in Spanish, there are alternative phrases you can use to convey a similar meaning:1. “Iré” Translation: “I will go” This phrase uses the future tense form of the verb “ir” (to go) directly, providing a more concise expression for “I will go.”2. “Me voy a ir” Translation: “I am going to leave” If the context implies leaving or departing rather than simply going somewhere, “Me voy a ir” can be used to convey the notion of leaving.3. “Tengo la intención de ir” Translation: “I intend to go” This alternative phrase emphasizes the speaker’s intention to go, using “tengo la intención” to convey the purposeful action.


Conveying your future plans and actions is crucial for effective communication. The phrase “Voy a ir” allows you to express your intention to go or perform an action in the future in Spanish. Whether you’re discussing upcoming events, outings with friends, or travel plans, this phrase will help you effectively communicate your future actions. Remember to adapt your expressions based on the context and continue to practice using different forms of the verb “ir” to enhance your language skills. ¡Voy a ir! (I will go!)
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