How To Say Highlighter in Spanish

How To Say Highlighter in Spanish


When it comes to learning a new language, building your vocabulary is an essential step. One common item you may need to know how to say is a highlighter. Whether you’re studying, working, or simply trying to communicate effectively in Spanish, it’s helpful to know the right word for a highlighter. In this article, we will explore different ways to say “highlighter” in Spanish.

1. Rotulador

One of the most common words used for “highlighter” in Spanish is “rotulador.” This term is widely understood and used across Spanish-speaking regions. The word “rotulador” is derived from the verb “rotular,” which means “to label” or “to mark.” Rotuladores are popular tools for underlining or marking important information in books, documents, and notes.

2. Marcador fluorescente

Another term commonly used for “highlighter” is “marcador fluorescente.” This phrase directly translates to “fluorescent marker.” While it may be slightly longer to say, it accurately describes the function and appearance of a highlighter. The word “marcador” means “marker” and “fluorescente” refers to the vibrant, neon colors often found in highlighters.

3. Subrayador

In some Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, the word “subrayador” is commonly used to refer to a highlighter. This term comes from the verb “subrayar,” which means “to underline” or “to highlight.” The use of “subrayador” reflects the action of marking or emphasizing important information in written text.

4. Resaltador

The term “resaltador” is another word you may come across when referring to a highlighter in Spanish. It is derived from the verb “resaltar,” which means “to stand out” or “to highlight.” Just like in English, the word “resaltador” emphasizes the purpose of highlighting and drawing attention to specific parts of a text.


Expanding your vocabulary in Spanish is a valuable skill, and knowing how to say common objects like a highlighter can greatly enhance your ability to communicate effectively. In this article, we explored several ways to say “highlighter” in Spanish, including “rotulador,” “marcador fluorescente,” “subrayador,” and “resaltador.” Remember that the choice of word may vary depending on the Spanish-speaking region, so it’s always beneficial to be aware of regional differences. With these terms in your language toolbox, you’ll be well-equipped to express yourself accurately when talking about highlighters in Spanish.
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