How To Say Hang Out in Spanish

How to Say “Hang Out” in Spanish?


Socializing and spending time with friends and loved ones is an essential part of life. Learning how to express the concept of “hanging out” in a foreign language allows you to engage in social activities and build connections. In this article, we will explore how to say “hang out” in Spanish, enabling you to plan and enjoy quality time with others.

Translating “Hang Out” into Spanish

To translate the phrase “hang out” into Spanish, you can use the verb “pasar tiempo.” It conveys the idea of spending time with someone in a casual, relaxed manner, without a specific agenda or purpose.For example:”Let’s hang out tomorrow” can be translated as “Vamos a pasar tiempo mañana.”Using the verb “pasar tiempo” allows you to express the concept of hanging out and enjoying each other’s company in Spanish.

Alternative Expressions

While “pasar tiempo” is a common and versatile translation for “hang out” in Spanish, there are alternative expressions you can use depending on the context or desired nuance. Here are a few examples:”Salir” – to go out (can be used to express going out for leisure or socializing)”Quedar” – to meet up (implies arranging a specific time and place to meet)”Juntarse” – to get together (conveys the idea of gathering with others)These alternative expressions provide you with additional vocabulary to express the concept of hanging out in different situations or with various nuances.


Being able to express the concept of “hanging out” in Spanish allows you to engage in social activities and connect with others. By using the verb “pasar tiempo” or alternative expressions like “salir,” “quedar,” or “juntarse,” you can effectively communicate your desire to spend casual and enjoyable time with friends or loved ones. Incorporating these terms into your Spanish vocabulary enhances your ability to plan social gatherings, strengthen relationships, and create memorable experiences together.
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