How To Say Food Poisoning in Spanish

How to Say “Food Poisoning” in Spanish


When traveling or communicating with Spanish speakers, it’s essential to know how to express health-related concerns. If you’re learning Spanish or curious about how to say “food poisoning” in the language, this article will guide you through the translation and usage of this term.

The Translation

To say “food poisoning” in Spanish, you can use the phrase “intoxicación alimentaria”. This term refers to the illness caused by consuming contaminated or spoiled food.

Using the Phrase

When using the phrase “intoxicación alimentaria” to refer to food poisoning, you can incorporate it into different contexts and sentences. Here are a few examples:

1. Creo que tengo una intoxicación alimentaria después de comer en ese restaurante.

This sentence translates to “I think I have food poisoning after eating at that restaurant.” By using “intoxicación alimentaria,” you accurately describe the illness caused by consuming contaminated food.

2. Mi amiga sufrió una intoxicación alimentaria debido a mariscos en mal estado.

This phrase means “My friend suffered from food poisoning due to spoiled seafood.” Here, “intoxicación alimentaria” highlights the cause of the illness and its connection to the consumption of spoiled seafood.

3. Si experimentas síntomas de intoxicación alimentaria, busca atención médica de inmediato.

This sentence translates to “If you experience symptoms of food poisoning, seek medical attention immediately.” By using “intoxicación alimentaria,” you provide clear guidance regarding the specific health concern.

Alternative Expressions

While “intoxicación alimentaria” is the most common term for food poisoning in Spanish, there are also alternative expressions to describe this condition:

1. Envenenamiento por alimentos

This phrase means “food poisoning” or “poisoning from food.” It explicitly focuses on the poisoning aspect of the condition.

2. Intoxicación por comida

This expression translates to “food intoxication” or “intoxication from food.” It emphasizes the effect of the contaminated food on the body.

3. Síndrome de intoxicación alimentaria

This term means “food poisoning syndrome.” It refers to the collection of symptoms and effects caused by consuming contaminated food.

Cultural Considerations

Food safety and hygiene are important considerations in Spanish-speaking countries. It’s crucial to be aware of the risks associated with consuming contaminated food and to seek appropriate medical attention if you suspect food poisoning.


Learning how to say “food poisoning” in Spanish allows you to effectively communicate health concerns and seek the necessary assistance. Whether you’re traveling, dining out, or discussing health-related issues, using the appropriate term can help you communicate with clarity in Spanish.Remember to practice incorporating these phrases into different contexts and scenarios to become more comfortable with their usage. Additionally, familiarize yourself with food safety practices and be cautious when consuming food in order to minimize the risk of food poisoning. ¡Buena salud! (Good health!)
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