How To Say Farmer in Spanish

How to Say “Farmer” in Spanish


Learning how to express common words and phrases in Spanish can greatly enhance your ability to communicate with Spanish speakers. In this article, we will focus on how to say “farmer” in Spanish and provide some related translations. Knowing how to refer to a farmer in Spanish can be useful in various situations, whether you’re discussing agriculture, rural life, or simply expanding your vocabulary.

The Spanish Translation for “Farmer”

The Spanish translation for “farmer” is “agricultor” or “campesino.” Both terms are commonly used to refer to individuals involved in agricultural activities. However, there is a slight difference in usage. “Agricultor” generally emphasizes someone who practices modern agriculture techniques, while “campesino” often refers to someone engaged in traditional or subsistence farming.


1. My grandfather is a farmer. (Mi abuelo es agricultor/campesino.)2. She grew up in a family of farmers. (Ella creció en una familia de agricultores/campesinos.)3. Many farmers cultivate crops for a living. (Muchos agricultores/campesinos cultivan cultivos para ganarse la vida.)

Related Vocabulary

Expanding your vocabulary with related words and phrases can help you better describe farming and agricultural practices in Spanish. Here are some useful terms:Farm: Granja or fincaCrop: Cultivo or cosechaLivestock: GanadoField: CampoHarvest: CosechaIrrigation: RiegoTractor: TractorBarn: Granero or establoRural: RuralSustainable agriculture: Agricultura sostenible


In this article, we explored how to say “farmer” in Spanish, which can be translated as “agricultor” or “campesino.” Both terms are commonly used, with “agricultor” emphasizing modern agricultural practices and “campesino” referring to traditional or subsistence farming. Expanding your knowledge of related vocabulary will further enhance your ability to discuss farming and agriculture in Spanish. Keep practicing and stay tuned for more articles on how to express common words and phrases in Spanish!
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