How To Say Dragonfly in Spanish

How To Say “Dragonfly” in Spanish


Dragonflies are fascinating creatures known for their beauty and unique flying abilities. If you’re curious about how to say “dragonfly” in Spanish, this article will provide you with different ways to express this term, allowing you to appreciate and discuss these remarkable insects in the Spanish language.

1. Libélula

The most commonly used and widely recognized translation for “dragonfly” in Spanish is “libélula.” This term is used in Spanish-speaking countries to refer to these graceful insects. Whether you’re discussing their vibrant colors, delicate wings, or their role in ecosystems, “libélula” is the go-to term.

2. Caballito del diablo

In addition to “libélula,” another term used to refer to dragonflies in Spanish is “caballito del diablo,” which translates to “devil’s little horse.” This term is more commonly used in certain regions and adds a touch of folklore and imagination to the description of these winged creatures.

3. Aguja de plata

Another less common but poetic way to refer to dragonflies in Spanish is “aguja de plata,” which means “silver needle.” This phrase describes their slender bodies and graceful movements, emphasizing their elegance and beauty.

Additional Vocabulary:

Insecto: InsectAlas: WingsVolar: To flyEcosistema: EcosystemOjos compuestos: Compound eyesAcuático: Aquatic


Being able to express “dragonfly” in Spanish opens up opportunities for discussions about these captivating insects. The most commonly used term is “libélula,” which is recognized throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, “caballito del diablo” and “aguja de plata” provide alternative ways to refer to dragonflies, each with its own regional or poetic touch. Whether you’re fascinated by their vibrant colors, delicate wings, or their role in nature, using the appropriate term will allow you to communicate effectively and appreciate the beauty of dragonflies in the Spanish language. ¡Disfruta de la belleza de las libélulas! (Enjoy the beauty of dragonflies!)
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