How long to learn Spanish?

How long to learn Spanish? In this article we will answer this popular question and give you some recommendations on how to minimize the time to learn the Spanish language.

How long to learn Spanish?

The thing about learning the Spanish language is that it takes time to do so. The duration of all the courses is not exact, nor is the same speed of learning between one person or another. Therefore, it depends on your native language and the circumstances that favor partial command of the language.

How long to learn Spanish?

Everything is defined by the interest and effort you put into it. Also, the personal reasons that force you to do it or simply as fun in which you are not forced to learn it in a time defined by you have an influence.

From a young age, Hispanic speakers go through an intense non-forced learning process. In this process, naturally, they acquire all the basic vocabulary, thus learning to communicate day by day with their close ones. On the other hand, constant study and practice will always yield very good results in the short and long term. If one does not dedicate time to the Spanish language, everything learned is gradually forgotten over time. Everything that is read, heard, and seen is always practiced.

Some people have a better capacity to absorb knowledge. Therefore, it is easier for them to follow that path so beautiful than it is to learn that language. To learn it you need tenacity, perseverance, and an effective method that breaks down all barriers that hinder learning.

Here I expose some methods to learn it easier in the shortest possible time:

4 Methods to learn Spanish fast

  1. Enroll in a language school or a university course with classes taught by a teacher. This will be the best option because you will be in the perfect setting.
    There is nothing better than receiving all that knowledge visually, written, pronounced, and corrected by a qualified and prepared professional. In that space that is the classroom, you will live the best experiences and the most intense moments of your mind. Besides the nervousness of seeing you in front of many students who don’t you know and express everything you have learned without fear of being wrong.
  2. Another method that could be applied would be to learn by oneself. It is quite difficult to do it alone, but if you know how to choose a good video course that has everything you need and you intend to spend four hours a day of your time, you will see very good results. When you study on your own, you should think in Spanish. Likewise, you should feel the need to bring everything you think about in your native language to the Spanish language as if you were a native of a Spanish-speaking country. Carrying a dictionary with you in case you have a question is very important.
  3. The time you study will depend on how much you learn. Learning to use verbs, adjectives and other tools will make your journey easier. The learning time will be determined by the factors that surround you and how you can maneuver with them. Well spent every moment with discipline will make you advance
    this path with fluency in speech and writing. It takes many hours of study to learn and be able to express yourself fluently.
  4. If you already speak other Romance languages ​​such as Italian, Portuguese or French, it may be easier for you to study and learn Spanish. All those languages ​​share almost the same grammatical structure and many similar features.


Everything would be in following the same methodology of the previously learned language and that’s it.

In conclusion, if the student takes advantage of every opportunity to practice and speak the Spanish language at all times, the faster they will learn it. The risk of trying will always be worth it.

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