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Classification of “los Vinos”

wine in spanish


How to translate wine in Spanish?. It would be inefficient to classify “los vinos” only at the place of origin. A primary classification divides them as Calm or Natural Wines, Strong or Fortified Wines, and Sparkling Wines. This classification is based on the production technique called vinification.


Calm or Natural Wines

They are those that are made from the must, and that is fermented in a natural way, or with an additive in controlled quantities such as yeast, sugar, or very small amounts of sulfides. These “vinos” have alcoholic graduation that ranges from 10% to 15% since fermentation is stopped reaching these values. They are commonly known as white, red, and brushed.


Spanish Vocabulary:

calmos o naturales – calm or natural wines

fortificadis o fuertes – fortified or strong wines

espumantes – sparkling wines


Fortified or Strong Wines

They receive some dose of alcohol, usually a grape brandy, at some stage of their winemaking. Controlled interferences typify the production and characteristics of strong “vinos”, resulting in Vermouth, Jerez, Marsala, Madeira, and Porto. The alcoholic content of these varieties ranges from 16º to 23º (degrees by volume).


Sparkling Wines

They are those of the Champagne type, which have two fermentations. The first, which is the usual one for natural “vino”, and the second, which takes place in the bottle. Some natural wines have a certain effervescence called pétillement, but this is very soft and is not caused as a result of interferences in the fermentation process.


If it is sparkling wine, it is made according to different methods, the cheapest being forced carbonation using carbon dioxide. The quality ones are those that do not have additives and their second fermentation is reached by aging. In all cases, sparkling wines present some sedimentation, where quality wines are de-sedimented using different techniques that may include mechanical aids and reopening of the bottles, before their commercialization.


How do you say wine in Spanish translation

Spanish Vocabulary:

cultivo de la vid – vine cultivation

vino – wine

levadura – yeast

bebida alcohólica – alcoholic beverage

uvas – grapes

fruta – fruit

suelo cultivable –  arable land

enología – oenology

sabor – flavor



The Colors of ” los Vinos”

Spanish Vocabulary:

blanco – white wine

tinto – red wine

rosado – rosé wine


Red wines

The color of the wine comes from the color of the grape skin, where the must is left in contact with the grape skin until the desired color is reached. To make red wine, the red grapes are crushed and they must spend part or all of the fermentation period and, in many cases, a maceration period before or after fermentation, in contact with the skins or skins. All the coloring matter, in addition to multiple flavoring compounds and tannins, are found in the grape skins and fermentation and maceration are responsible for releasing them. This release is often intensified by techniques of mechanical activation (pumping over), or churning (punching), during these periods.


White wines

White wines are those produced from green or white grapes; or from black grapes, although in these cases they must is never left in contact with the skin of the grapes. The color obtained from white wines is greenish or yellowish.


Rosé Wines

Rosé (rosé) is produced by leaving the must in contact for a short time with the skin of the grapes. It is usually produced using red grapes that remain in contact with the skin (grape skin) for short periods. Less frequently it is produced by mixing red and white wines.


The last known classification for wines is the one that separates them as sweet or dry.


Spanish Vocabulary:

embotellado – bottling

maduración – maturation

fermentación – fermentation

dulce – sweet

seco – dry




Ese vino está delicioso  – That wine is delicious

Me gustaría el vino bien frío – I would like the wine very cold

Prefiero el vino tinto por favor – I prefer red wine please 



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