How Do You Say Messed Up in Spanish

How Do You Say Messed Up in Spanish

Translating “Messed Up”

To express the phrase “messed up” in Spanish, you can use the term “desordenado” or “arruinado.” These words convey the sense of something being disorganized, chaotic, or in a state of disarray.

Expressing Disarray or Chaos

When describing a situation, object, or state of affairs as “messed up,” you can use “desordenado” or “arruinado” to convey the sense of disorder, confusion, or disruption.

Usage and Context

“Desordenado” and “arruinado” can be used in various contexts to describe different situations or things that are in a state of disarray or chaos. However, it’s important to note that the exact translation may depend on the specific context and intended meaning.

Examples and Usage

Here are a few examples of how “desordenado” and “arruinado” can be used in different contexts:

1. Disorganized Space

When describing a messy or disorganized space, you might say, “Mi habitación está totalmente desordenada” (My room is completely messy) or “La oficina está en un estado arruinado” (The office is in a ruined state).

2. Chaotic Situation

In the context of describing a chaotic or disrupted situation, you can use “desordenado” or “arruinado” to express the sense of disorder. For example, “La fiesta se salió de control y terminó en un estado desordenado” (The party got out of hand and ended up in a disorganized state) or “La situación económica del país está arruinada” (The country’s economic situation is ruined).

3. Ruined Plans

When referring to plans or expectations that have been disrupted or ruined, you might use “desordenado” or “arruinado” to express the disappointment or frustration. For instance, “Mis planes de viaje se han arruinado debido a un problema inesperado” (My travel plans have been ruined due to an unexpected issue) or “El proyecto está en un estado desordenado y no podemos avanzar según lo planeado” (The project is in a disorganized state, and we can’t proceed as planned).


In Spanish, the phrase “messed up” can be translated as “desordenado” or “arruinado,” depending on the context and intended meaning. These words convey the sense of disorder, chaos, or disruption. Whether you’re describing a disorganized space, a chaotic situation, or plans that have been ruined, using “desordenado” or “arruinado” allows for effective communication and understanding of a state of disarray in Spanish-speaking contexts. Embrace the versatility of these terms and express the appropriate sense of disorder or chaos when needed.
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