How Do You Say Mainly in Spanish

How Do You Say Mainly in Spanish

Translating “Mainly” into Spanish

The word “mainly” in English is commonly translated as “principalmente” in Spanish. This translation effectively captures the meaning of primarily or predominantly.

Using “Principalmente” in Sentences

To better understand how to use “principalmente” in Spanish, let’s look at a few example sentences:

Example 1:

English: I mainly enjoy reading mystery novels.Spanish: Principalmente disfruto leyendo novelas de misterio.

Example 2:

English: The company’s success is mainly due to its innovative products.Spanish: El éxito de la empresa se debe principalmente a sus productos innovadores.

Example 3:

English: They mainly focus on providing excellent customer service.Spanish: Principalmente se enfocan en brindar un excelente servicio al cliente.


When translating “mainly” into Spanish, “principalmente” is the appropriate term to use. This translation effectively conveys the idea of primarily or predominantly. By incorporating “principalmente” into your Spanish sentences, you can express the concept of focusing on or emphasizing something as the main element.
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