How Do You Say Left and Right in Spanish

How to say left and right in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice left and right en español? Left and right in Spanish translation: izquierda y derecha. Left is translated as ‘izquierda’, and the word ‘right’ means ‘derecha’ in the Spanish language. These words are used to know or expose the position in which something, someone is or should take.

How Do You Say Left and Right in Spanish

left- izquierda

right – derecha


Lily: Carlos, ahora coge la izquierda | Carlos, now take the left

Carlos: Está bien | OK

Sentences with left and right in Spanish

Ahora, coge por la derecha.Now, take the right.
El libro está en tu derecha.The book is on your right.
Gira a la derecha aquí.Turn right here.
Cogió por la derecha.He took to the right.
Te puse en la derecha.I put you on the right.
Su mano derecha tiene problema.His right hand has a problem.
La salida es a la derecha.The exit is on the right.
Mi casa está en la derecha.My house is on the right.
En la segunda puerta a la derecha.At the second door on the right.
Me puse a su derecha.I got to his right.
Camina por la derecha.Walk to the right.
Dejé los documentos en su mano derecha.I left the documents in his right hand.
Tú escribes con la izquierda.You write with the left
Tomaré la derecha.I’ll take the right
El corazón está a la izquierda.The heart is on the left
Está en el lado izquierdo de la cara.It’s on the left side of the face
La pelota está a tu izquierda.The ball is on your left.
El dinero está en el bolsillo izquierdo.The money is in the left pocket.
El grano está en el labio superior izquierdo.The pimple is on the upper left lip.
Tienes algo en tu pie izquierdo.You have something on your left foot.
La carta está en mi bolsillo izquierdo.The letter is in my left pocket.
Del lado izquierdo hacia el pulmón.From the left side towards the lung.
Dame tu brazo izquierdo.Give me your left arm.
La chica de tu izquierda.The girl on your left.
Cuidado, ahora gira por la izquierda.Watch out, now she’s turning left.
El Dr. Izquierdo es cirujano.Dr. Izquierdo is a surgeon.
Tienes el ojo izquierdo más pequeño.You have the smallest left eye.
Tiene un problema en el hombro izquierdo.He has a problem with his left shoulder.
Se cortó el brazo izquierdo.He cut off his left arm.
Escribe con la izquierda.Write with the left.
Se golpeó el hombro izquierdo.He hit his left shoulder.
El dinero no está en mi bolsillo izquierdo.The money is not in my left pocket.
No podíamos sentarnos del lado izquierdo.We couldn’t sit on the left side.
Ella lo golpeó en el brazo izquierdo.She hit him on the left arm.
No escribas con la izquierda.Don’t write with the left.
Mi casa está a la izquierda de la calle.My house is on the left of the street.
Le muestro mi pie izquierdo.I show him my left foot.
El lado izquierdo de tu cara está rojo.The left side of your face is red.
En el sofá del lado izquierdo.On the left side sofa
Su ojo izquierdo está hinchado.Her left eye is swollen.
Tu pie izquierdo está sangrandoYour left foot is bleeding
El zapato izquierdo se sale de tu pie.The left shoe comes off your foot
Ahora toma a la izquierda y luego a la derecha.Now take a left and then a right
El corazón está en el lado izquierdo del cuerpo.The heart is on the left side of the body.
Solemos hablar de izquierda o derecha en política.We tend to speak of the left or the right in politics.
Tenemos dos manos, una a la izquierda y la otra al lado derecho de nuestro cuerpo.We have two hands, one on the left and the other on the right side of our body.

More examples about how do you say left and right in Spanish (Directions)

El cine queda a la izquierda.The cinema is on the left.
Tu mano derecha está en el bolsillo.Your right hand is in your pocket.
El tiene la parte izquierda de la nariz rota.He has the left part of his nose broken.
Puede que la senda izquierda esté habilitada.The left lane may be enabled.
A mi derecha se encuentra mi hermano.To my right is my brother.
Todo lo que está a mi izquierda es mío.Everything to my left is mine.
Lo de la derecha es arroz y lo otro son frijoles.The one on the right is rice and the other is beans.
Los de la izquierda son romanos.The ones on the left are Romans.
Todos los libros de cocina se encuentran a la derecha.All the cookbooks are on the right.
Tengo tu alma en la parte izquierda de mi pecho.I have your soul on the left side of my chest.
No cojas por la izquierda.Don’t take to the left.
Temo que por la derecha será peor.I fear that on the right it will be worse.
La mariposa vuela de izquierda a derecha.The butterfly flies from left to right.
La corbata me quedó tumbada para la derecha.The tie was left lying to the right.
El boxeador tiene la izquierda muy potente.The boxer has a very powerful left.
Marcos giró su carro a la derecha rápidamente.Marcos quickly turned his car to the right.
La serpentina cayó a su izquierda.The streamer fell to the left of him.
Ella no quiso bajarse por la puerta derecha del autobús.She did not want to get off the right door of the bus.
Quita esa silla de la izquierda y pon el sillón.She removes that chair on the left and puts the armchair.
Esta parte izquierda del pastel está quemada.This left part of the cake is burnt.
Córrete un poco a la derecha.Move a little to the right.
El lado izquierdo del televisor tiene manchas.The left side of the TV has stains.
El timón tira mucho para la derecha.The rudder pulls a lot to the right.
Gira a la izquierda en la próxima esquina.Turn left at the next corner.
Lo que no te vayas a comer lo tiras en el cesto de la izquierda.What you are not going to eat you throw in the basket on the left.
Su brazo derecho está hinchado.Her right arm is swollen.
El pitcher lanza muy duro con la derecha.The pitcher throws very hard with the right hand.
Esa iglesia está inclinada a la derecha.That church is leaning to the right.
Esa tabla de surfear está bastante derecha.That surfboard is pretty straight.
Sólo se escucha la bocina de la izquierda.Only the speaker on the left is heard.

How Do You Say Right (Direction) Vs Right (Correct)?

The word “right” “correct” – “correcto”, “verdad” derives from the Latin word “correcto“. It is an adjective that is used to classify something that has no faults, errors, or faults. What is correct is developed according to established norms. In the first place, the idea of ​​correct is usually used concerning language, whether oral or written. In addition, when the correct word is used to refer to a human being, it speaks of his irreproachable conduct.

Right in Spanish Verdad?

We can also find varied synonyms of the word “correct,” and how they can be:

precise – preciso

perfect – perfecto

exact -exacto

complete – cabal

fair – justo

adequate – adecuado

appropriate – apropiado

correct – acertado

Likewise, some words are the opposite of correct. They are:

incorrect – incorrecto

imperfect, – imperfecto

When we talk about the meaning of being a correct person, we always think of a person free from errors or defects. That fits the rules. that it is ready to fulfill its functions at the precise moment. Also known as a good person or a person of ethics.

How to say right in Spanish?

In the same way, doing the right thing ‘lo correcto” ethically speaking implies an act of dedication and generosity. It also implies a rational commitment to controlling impulses and primal instincts.

There are many examples of the word correct. Likewise, in our language, it is used a lot, either to describe a person or an action carried out. Some of them are:

That is the correct approach. – Ese es el enfoque correcto.
That’s how we like it, a correct man. – Así nos gusta, un hombre correcto.

On the other hand, you can’t always do the right thing. For that reason, we always try to do things as correctly as possible. Always doing the right thing, regardless of the situation or circumstance, brings something very precious: peace.

The definition of “right” “correct” should be understood as something equivalent to “suitable,” “exact, “correct, or “fair.” However, “incorrect” is everything that is described as imperfect, inadequate, or inappropriate.

Therefore, we can say that although the word “correct” is synonymous with good things, it cannot always be fully fulfilled. Certainly, it is the goal to be correct people and to use the language correctly. If we analyze it from a personal point of view, we will agree that we do not always do the right thing. Despite that, we should not consider ourselves bad people since we all make mistakes.

What is correct in a certain way is overrated, especially if we take into account that we learn from mistakes. Not always being politically correct also helps personal growth, since surely we are false people and we would not tell the truth.

Therefore, we understand that we must always use something incorrect to learn and to have our feet on the ground. We all make mistakes. No one is correct and we must be clear about that. When we go by public transport and an elderly person arrives, we probably think: “it would be right to give my seat to this lady; she is elderly, she needs it.” But we may be tired after arriving from work and we also need it, not because we stay seated, we are wrong people.

Therefore, before judging people for their actions, let’s stop to think about what’s happening in that person’s life since we can judge incorrectly and we would be committing an incorrect act ourselves.

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