Good to See You in Spanish

How to say good to see you in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice good to see you en español? Good to see you in Spanish translation: que bueno verte. ‘Good to see you’ is a phrase used when we are happy to see someone, and to let them know this satisfaction we can use this term. “Good to see you” brings positivity to the conversation.

Good to See You in Spanish

que bueno verte – good to see you


Lala: Lucy, estoy contenta, que bueno verte | Lucy, I’m happy, it’s good to see you

Lucy: Es bueno verte también | Good to see you too

Que bueno verte de nuevoIt’s good to see you again
Que bueno verte aquíGood to see you here
Que bueno verte conmigoGood to see you with me

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