How Do You Say Hanging Out in Spanish

How Do You Say “Hanging Out” in Spanish?


“Hanging out” is a casual and common expression used to describe spending time with friends or simply being in someone’s company in a relaxed setting. If you’re interested in learning how to say “hanging out” in Spanish, there are various phrases and idiomatic expressions that capture the essence of this social activity. In this article, we will explore the different ways to say “hanging out” in Spanish and provide insights into their usage.


The most straightforward and versatile translation for “hanging out” in Spanish is the verb “salir.” This word means “to go out” or “to leave,” but it is commonly used to describe the act of spending time with friends or socializing in a casual setting. When used in this context, “salir” can convey the idea of going out for leisure or simply being in the company of others in a relaxed atmosphere.For example, you could say “Vamos a salir” to mean “Let’s go hang out” or “Vamos a pasar el rato juntos” which translates to “Let’s spend time together.” These phrases express the idea of casually getting together and enjoying each other’s company.


Another way to express “hanging out” in Spanish is by using the verb “juntarse.” This word means “to get together” or “to meet up.” It is often used to describe the act of gathering with friends or acquaintances for a social occasion. When you say “vamos a juntarnos,” you are indicating a plan to meet up and spend time together, similar to the concept of “hanging out.”


In conclusion, there are several ways to express the concept of “hanging out” in Spanish. The most common and versatile translation is the verb “salir,” which means “to go out” but is commonly used to describe casual socializing and spending time with friends. Additionally, the verb “juntarse” can also be used to convey the idea of getting together and enjoying each other’s company.When using these phrases, it is important to consider the context and the relationship between the individuals involved. Spanish, like any language, has different expressions and nuances depending on the region and culture. It is always beneficial to consult with native Spanish speakers or experts to ensure the appropriate usage and understanding of these phrases in Spanish-speaking contexts.So, next time you want to express the idea of “hanging out” in Spanish, remember to use phrases like “vamos a salir” or “vamos a juntarnos” to convey the notion of spending relaxed and enjoyable time with friends.
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