How do you say for you in Spanish

How do you say for you in Spanish

How do you say for you in Spanish?

This term translates as para ti.

Sentences with the phrase for you in Spanish

La modista va a terminar los vestidos para ti.The dressmaker will finish the dresses for you.
Debes sacar tiempo para ti-.You must make time for yourself.
Teresa trajo estos dulces para ti.Teresa brought these sweets for you.
No puedes decir que el no trajo regalos para ti.You can’t say he didn’t bring gifts for you.
Dónde están los libros que Juan envió para ti.Where are the books that Juan sent for you.
Toma calma, eso no es bien para ti.Calm down, that’s not good for you.
Pedro compró unas flores para ti.Pedro bought some flowers for you.
¿Esas herramientas sirven para ti?Do those tools work for you?
Aquella compró un sombrero para ti.That one bought a hat for you.
Para ti deseo todo lo mejor.For you I wish all the best.
No voy a para hasta que no posea los regalos para ti.I’m not going to stop until he has the gifts for you.
Juan guardó unos dulces finos para ti.Juan saved some fine candy for you.
Este cumpleaños es para ti.This birthday is for you.
El doctor me dijo que comprara estas pastillas para ti.The doctor told me that he should buy these pills for you.
No sé como debes tenerI don’t know how you should have
Viajas de un lado a otro y no buscas descanso para ti.You travel from one place to another and do not seek rest for yourself.
Para ti tendremos una cena espectacular.For you we will have a spectacular dinner.
Vas de compra en compra, pero nada es para ti.You go from purchase to purchase, but nothing is for you.
Aún no dices que esto es para ti.You still don’t say this is for you.
Cuándo vas a continuar pensando solo para ti.When are you going to continue thinking only for yourself.
Siempre en la casa se separa todo para ti.Always in the house everything is separated for you.
Debes pensar que todo no puede ser para ti.You must think that everything cannot be for you.
No puedes tener todo para ti.You can’t have it all to yourself.
Investiga un poco pues eso se preparó para ti.Do some research because that was prepared for you.
Esteban tiene muchos regalos para ti.Esteban has many gifts for you.
Luisa posee una cartera para ti.Luisa has a bag for you.
Ese par de zapatos te lo compré para ti.I bought that pair of shoes for you.
No seas desobediente que aquí se quiere lo mejor para ti.Do not be disobedient, here we want the best for you.
Para ti están todas las camas preparadas.All the beds are prepared for you.
Busca un refresco para ti.Find a drink for yourself.

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