How do You Say Adderall in Spanish

¿Cómo se dice Adderall en español?

How do You Say Adderall in Spanish

¿Cómo se dice Adderall en español? Adderall in Spanish translation: (amphetamine/dextroamphetamine – anfetamina/dextroanfetamina) Adderall is the trade name and designation most commonly used to refer to the combination medication containing four salts of amphetamine. This medication is a short-acting that works for 4-6 hours. The Adderall medication combines amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, two central nervous system stimulants that improve focus by reducing the impulse by increasing levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

It also worsens anxiety symptoms. Adderall is a stimulant that increases a person’s attention span, motivation, and energy. In the short term, abusing stimulants, even prescription stimulants like Adderall can cause jitters; induce mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. It can also cause headaches and decrease appetite. In the long term, Adderall can sometimes cause changes in mood and behavior, mainly when used in high doses. These changes can affect interpersonal and romantic relationships.

What is Adderall called in Spanish?

Since many students can obtain it legally through their prescriptions, the medication is easily accessible. The stimulant medication Adderall is often prescribed to treat attention disorders such as ADHD. Long-term use of Adderall can cause other mental health effects, including irritability, depression, mood swings, panic attacks, and paranoia. Hair loss is a rare but possible side effect of taking Adderall. People who experience hair loss or other worrisome side effects while taking Adderall should see a doctor.

Another medication could be Ritalin which works earlier and reaches peak performance faster than Adderall. However, Adderall stays active in the human body longer than Ritalin. Adderall works for four to six hours. Prescription Adderall abuse can cause side effects that result in skin problems, such as rashes, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and hypersensitivity and allergic reactions.

Therefore, we agree that Adderall is a medication that, while necessary, should not be used repeatedly if prolonged use can be harmful.

How to say Adderall in Spanish?

The name Adderall remains the same in both languages.

Adderall Generic Name in Spanish

amphetamine-dextroamphetamine – (anfetamina-dextroanfetamina)

Sentences with the name Adderall in Spanish

Los atracones de Adderall no están fungiendo como ayuda para los estudios.Adderall binges are not working as a study aid.
Las sustancias controladas como el Adderall, deben ser trasladadas con escolta.Controlled substances such as Adderall must be transported with an escort.
Mi amigo se hizo adicto al Adderall y salió muy bien en los exámenes, entonces valió la pena.My friend got addicted to Adderall and did very well on the exams, so it was worth it.
El Adderall puede causar pérdida del apetito.Adderall can cause loss of appetite.
La medicación para el trastorno de doble personalidad es el Adderall.The medication for split personality disorder is Adderall.
Informé sobre las madres que robaron Adderall para sus hijos.I reported on mothers who stole Adderall for their children.
Cuando me hicieron la prueba de dopaje, dí positivo por estimulantes, específico Adderall.When I was tested for doping, I tested positive for stimulants, specifically Adderall.
El Doctor Alan cuestionó el uso del Adderall para tratar a niños con trastornos.Dr. Alan questioned the use of Adderall to treat children with disorders.
Cuando terminaron las elecciones, volví a la clínica para obtener ayuda con el Adderall.When the election was over, I went back to the clinic to get help with the Adderall.
El Doctor no diagnosticó bien el TDAH, ni controló el uso del Adderall.The Doctor misdiagnosed ADHD, nor did he control Adderall use.
Existen farmacias online que ofrecen productos sin recetas, tales como el Adderall.There are online pharmacies that offer products without a prescription, such as Adderall.
El Adderall es un medicamento para el trastorno del déficit de atención e hiperactividad.Adderall is a medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Marcos me explicó que el Adderall era para la concentración y la capacidad de atención.Marcos explained to me that Adderall was for concentration and attention span.
En la conferencia el Doctor afirmó que el Adderall no incluye la necesidad de otras terapias.At the conference the Doctor stated that Adderall does not include the need for other therapies.
Cuando mi hijo dejó de dormir, revisé su habitación y encontré el Adderall de la abuela.When my son stopped sleeping, I checked his room and found Grandma’s Adderall.
La comunidad está preocupada por lo fácil que se hace el acceso, de los jóvenes, al Adderall.The community is concerned about how easy it is to access Adderall for young people.

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