Health Problems in Spanish Translation

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Health Problems in Spanish

It’s time to learn how to pronounce the health problems in Spanish translation. ‘Los problemas de la salud’ which means the health problems, not only affect the body and the physiological or psychological mechanisms involved but also have an impact to a variable degree and duration, on the overall functioning of the person.

List of health problems:


knee pain in spanish

Dolor de Rodilla (Knee Pain)


earache in spanish

Dolor de Oído (Earache)


toothache in spanish

Dolor de Muela (Toothache)


sore throat in spanish

Dolor de Garganta (Sore Throat)


stomachache in spanish

Dolor de Estómago (Stomachache)


back pain in spanish

Dolor de Espalda (Back Pain)


headache in spanish

Dolor de Cabeza (Headache)


broken leg in spanish

Una pierna rota (A broken leg)


threw up in spanish

Vómito(Threw Up)


high blood pressure in spanish

Presión Alta(High Blood Pressure)


mucus in spanish

Mocos (Mucus)


dizziness in spanish

Mareo (Dizziness)


cough in spanish



fever in spanish



shaking chills in spanish

Escalofríos (Shaking Chills)


diabetes in spanish

Diabetes (Diabetes)


cholesterol in spanish



measles in spanish



allergy health problems in Spanish

Alergia (Allergy)


cold health problems in Spanish

Resfriado (Cold)


sunburn health problems in Spanish

Quemadura de Sol(Sunburn)


rash health problems in Spanish



asthma health problems in Spanish

Asma (Asthma)


heartburn health problems in Spanish

Acidez (Hearthburn)


flu health problems in Spanish



cough health problems in Spanish


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