Hasta La Vista Baby!

What does Hasta la vista , baby mean?!

As much as we love the Terminator and Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger, the fact of the matter is that this is just bad Spanish.  No one uses these words to communicate in Spanish, at least not in South American Spanish.  When you take a Spanish language course, you will see that several movie quotes are just plain wrong.  The correct salutations that the Terminator could have used include, hasta luego: see you later, hasta mañana: see you tomorrow, nos vemos: we’ll see you, nos vemos después: we’ll see you later.   You get the picture.Best way to learn Spanish fluently. Study basic Spanish vocabulary with words and phrases. Read helpful articles and the Spanish language.

Another famous quote from that movie is “no problemo”.   If you were taking a language course in Spanish your instructor would praise you for the attempt but correct you and teach you the correct use of the language.  This statement would be proper Spanish if it were “no hay problema.”  By not taking a language course in Spanish, you may be convinced that the Spanish used in movies is correct. Still, it is usually not; it is just the idea of Spanish that the uneducated actor or actress had picked up on the street.

When you are watching movies or TV, the Spanish is not necessarily proper or correct.  To discern the correct Spanish language, translation is to take an appropriate language course in Spanish.  When you take a class and learn the right way to speak Spanish you feel a sense of accomplishment, and you can objectively listen to slang and incorrect Spanglish and know that it is erroneous and that you sound silly if you were to use it to communicate with someone.  Language courses in Spanish are crucial to learning and understanding proper Spanish pronunciation and can significantly impact your life if you take the time and seriously make the learning process.


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