Good News in Spanish

Good News in Spanish

How to say good news in Spanish?

¿Cómo se dice good news en español? Good news in Spanish translation: buenas noticias.

The good news is a piece of information that gives us peace of mind, security or happiness. It could be something good that we were waiting for and it is already news. It is positive information that we receive with great pleasure. Good news is important to each individual because it brings us joy, and enthusiasm.

good news – buena noticia (singular)

good news – buenas noticias (plural)


Lily: Carlos, te tengo una buena noticia | Carlos, I have good news for you

Carlos: ¿Estás embarazada? | You are pregnant?

La buena noticia es que estoy embarazadaThe good news is that I am pregnant
Eso es una buena noticiaThat’s good news
Tenemos buenas noticiasWe have good news
¿Empiezaste a trabajar?, ¡qué buena noticia!Did you start working? What good news!
Todos nos vamos de viaje, ¡qué buena noticia!We are all going on a trip, what good news!
Tenemos buenas noticias, voy a tener gemelosWe have good news, I’m having twins
Tengo buenas noticias, me dieron la universidadI got good news, they gave me college
Traigo buenas noticias, me dieron el contrato.I bring good news, they gave me the contract.
Ayer recibí muy buenas noticiasYesterday I received very good news
Ayer me dieron la buena noticiaYesterday they gave me the good news
Nos despertamos con buenas noticiasWe wake up to good news

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