Good Morning Handsome in Spanish

How do you say ‘good morning handsome in Spanish?’. ‘Good morning handsome’ is a phrase used when we wish a physically attractive man a happy start to the day, particularly because of his face, or it can also be used when the man is well dressed or groomed.

Good Morning Handsome in Spanish

How to translate good morning handsome in Spanish?

Good morning handsome – Buenos días guapo


Lily: Hola Carlos, buenos días guapo | Hello Carlos, good morning handsome

Carlos: Buenos días Lily | Good morning Lily


Buenos días guapo ¿cómo estás?
Buenos días guapo, ¿quieres café?
Buenos días guapo, hoy te ves tan bien
Buenos días guapo, ¿sabes quién soy?
Buenos días guapo, ¿qué planeas para hoy?


Good morning handsome, how are you?
Good morning handsome, do you want coffee?
Good morning handsome, today you look so good
Good morning handsome, do you know who I am?
Good morning handsome, what are you planning for today?

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