Glasses Prescription In Spanish

How to Say “Glasses Prescription” in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide


If you wear glasses and find yourself in a Spanish-speaking country or need to discuss your eyewear prescription with Spanish-speaking individuals, it’s essential to know how to express “glasses prescription” in Spanish. In this article, we will explore the translation of “glasses prescription” and provide you with additional information related to eyewear prescriptions in Spanish.

Saying “Glasses Prescription” in Spanish

The translation of “glasses prescription” in Spanish is:”Receta de gafas” – This term accurately translates to “glasses prescription” in English. It refers to the document or written prescription that specifies the corrective lenses needed for an individual.

About Glasses Prescriptions

Understanding Eyewear Prescriptions

A glasses prescription is a written document provided by an optometrist or ophthalmologist that details the specific corrective lenses required to correct a person’s vision. It includes information such as the refractive power needed for each eye, lens type (single vision, bifocal, or progressive), and any additional details or instructions.

Components of a Glasses Prescription

A typical glasses prescription consists of several abbreviations and values. It includes the sphere (SPH) measurement, which indicates the amount of nearsightedness or farsightedness. The cylinder (CYL) measurement indicates astigmatism, and the axis value specifies the orientation of the astigmatism correction. Additionally, the prescription may include values for the pupillary distance (PD) and prism correction if required.

Obtaining a Glasses Prescription

To obtain a glasses prescription, it is necessary to undergo an eye examination conducted by an eye care professional. During the examination, your visual acuity will be assessed, and various tests will be conducted to determine the appropriate corrective lenses for your specific needs.

Using “Receta de Gafas” in Spanish Sentences

To provide practical examples of how to use the term “glasses prescription” in Spanish, here are a few sample sentences:”Necesito una nueva receta de gafas, mis lentes actuales ya no corrigen mi visión.” (I need a new glasses prescription; my current lenses no longer correct my vision.)”El optometrista me entregó la receta de gafas después de la revisión ocular.” (The optometrist provided me with the glasses prescription after the eye examination.)”Asegúrate de llevar tu receta de gafas cuando compres nuevos anteojos.” (Make sure to bring your glasses prescription when purchasing new eyewear.)


Knowing how to say “glasses prescription” in Spanish as “receta de gafas” will enable you to effectively communicate about your eyewear needs and understand discussions related to eyewear prescriptions in Spanish. Understanding the components of a glasses prescription and the process of obtaining one will help you navigate vision care in Spanish-speaking countries. Whether you’re visiting an optometrist, purchasing new glasses, or discussing your vision needs, having knowledge of “receta de gafas” will prove beneficial. Expand your eyewear vocabulary and confidently engage in conversations about glasses prescriptions in Spanish-speaking environments. ¡No olvides llevar tu receta de gafas para ver con claridad en el mundo hispanohablante! (Don’t forget to bring your glasses prescription to see clearly in the Spanish-speaking world!)
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