Foreign Languages: Your Keys to Other Worlds


How important is knowing a foreign language?

You don’t need to read thick language books about the history and interconnections between different languages, which earthlings speak or used to communicate in other parts of our planet, just to imagine how important each of the 2500 tongues (or so) have been for the evolution of the whole humanity during all centuries of our existence.


I mean here is not physical development of a human being as a living creature, or the child of Nature if speaking figuratively. In our blog, we are going to muse over much more complicated and even philosophical issues. They are connected not just with the very phenomenon of human speech directly, but also with its place in global history and its role in diversity.

Besides, we will decide why the knowledge of at least one foreign language has been so essential and valuable until nowadays, therefore helping you realize the necessity and pleasure to learn the one you like or are required to learn. By the latter, we mean your school or college subject that implies studying not your native tongue. Or, probably, your dream job involves the work with foreigners or texts in some foreign language, so the ideal candidate must know this language “by default”.


Well, whatever makes you learn a different sign and sound system, we hope that the evidence you will find in this blog will turn out to be motivating enough to encourage you in your aspiration to comprehend all its mysteries.


The Power of Language: Know Why You Need It

The language itself was one of the most powerful driving forces that facilitated history’s greatest civilizations. Everything we possess today, from the latest smartphone to the continually updating principles of education, is the consequence and result of our humanity keeping and transmitting the immense knowledge, at first with the help of speech only and then with the help of writing as well.

Can you imagine a world where people neither speak nor write? Probably, the most paradoxical thing about it all is that we would not be able even to think if we did not have a language, as it conditions the thinking process in our brain. Though scientists still cannot understand it fully and clearly, especially when it comes to bilingual people or those who speak foreign languages fluently.


So, let us see what we acquire when going deeper into the study of a foreign language.


  • Firstly, you can understand texts written in a different tongue, whether it is a piece of news or just an ad on the street.
  • Secondly, you can communicate with much larger amount of people more easily.
  • It all means that you can find a much bigger amount of various information.
  • And as a result, you receive a priceless gift with which you will be able to discover not only your world but also numerous worlds of other people created by their mother tongues and cultures, so unique and enjoyable.
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